Start of something new

A few weeks ago I decided that I’d finally like to pursue a career in to Cyber Security. I’ve always had an interest in it but never found the time or drive to follow up those interests.

Over the past 2 years I’ve been more and more involved with the Cyber Security team at my work place, starting out by taking part in a CTF Hacker-ton (and coming 2nd world wide two times in a row) and on to becoming a Security Champion within the company.

Having seen a Security Consultant job advertised internally, I decided I’d book some time with some of the Cyber team one-to-one to find out just what is involved in their day to day jobs. They’ve told me of various courses, podcasts and other resources I can use to help myself learn and hopefully get that foot in the door that I desperately crave.

One of those resources was a Pen Test Lab called Hack the Box. Shortly after learning of it, I had a week off work to relax, play some games and spend some extra time at the gym. However, I made the mistake of registering on Hack the Box on the first day of my holiday! The rest of my holiday was filled with box hacking until the early hours of the morning (4am most days!). I went from not even knowing what PrivEsc meant and thinking that an Enum was an Enumerated Type, to hacking my way in to several boxes and solving multiple other challenges available on Hack the Box.

Although it may take a long time to get there…it’s definately a place I want to be and in the mean time, I’m going to document everything I can along the way to not only help others learn but to also serve as a kind of Portfolio to show what I can do.

A lot of Pen Test/CTF labs don’t allow spoilers for a given period of time, and I fully intend to honour all of those rules. Any write ups and how-to’s that I publish will only be published after the embargo has been lifted.